Christmas Tree Sessions will be held at a Christmas tree farm located in Tomball/Magnolia area.  It is about 30 minutes away from 290 and Fry Rd.  Please plan for this. 

Christmas Tree Sessions are $110.  The cost will also cover the fees that I must pay in order to have a permit for the Christmas tree farm.

Each session is only 10 minutes and will include 4 high resolution edited images chosen by you from a proof gallery.   Likely, because of the time constraints on the session, there will not be many extra images available for purchase.  If you are looking for a session with individual shots as well (yearly family picture session), please book a regular 20 minute session.

Friday, October 20th
5:30pm Nayve
5:40pm Mortensen
5:50pm Cassidy
6:00pm Forehand
6:10pm Bair
6:20pm West

More information about changes for this year's galleries:
This year all clients will be send an unedited proof gallery with unedited versions of the best images taken during the session, as determined by the photographer.  The client will have five days to look through the gallery and choose the 4 pictures they would like included in the  final edited gallery.   If 4 images are not chosen by the time the gallery expires, the client will forfeit the decision making to the photographer.  Downloads from this unedited gallery are not available.   No exceptions.   No unedited images will be made available to clients at any time.

If clients would like to purchase extra proofs to be edited, she can do so for $15/image.  More info on that will accompany the email with the soft proof gallery link after the session.

The final edited gallery will be made available within three weeks of the session date.

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